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Ladies who support each other have way more fun!

It is often daunting to start a new sport, especially one that will most likely get you hurt.  Let’s take skateboarding as an example. In the early days, any girls that rocked up to the local skate park had to ignore the comments and glares from the boys while trying to learn an apply their new skills.  How far we’ve come since those initial days is debatable, but one thing is for sure, and that is that more and more girls are breaking into the skate scene.  This is great news for new riders! Not only does this provide them with female role models but also pushes them to ride at new and ever-changing levels.

Granted, the female UK skate scene is still relatively small, but nothing is more impressive than the community they have created.  There is some great talent in the UK with Lucy Adams, among others, leading the way.  This community of skaters has drawn the attention of some great brands that have helped bring some of these riders together and are continually helping to not only support them, but promote the sport too. Take Rogue Skateboards as an example, run by a Jenna Selby who has a team of girls who get together to ride on a regular basis.  If you haven’t already, you might want to check out their latest video: 

Not only do these girls ride together but they also support each other too, which you can really see throughout the video.  So if you are hesitant about giving a new sport a go, then why not link up with some local riders.  If it’s anything like the skate scene, there will be some great girls on hand to teach and encourage you.

If you are interested in getting into skateboarding why not check out the girls switch event as hosted by Mount Hawke

In more exciting new, we will soon be announcing our new skateboard members to our Expression family, but we will formally introduce them shortly!


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