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Snowflow, Yoga For Riders – Warm Up Video


Hello Expression Riders!

A few months before my 21st Bday, I decided to listen to my calling for adventure and followed my passion for snowboarding. I sold all my stuff, applied for a working holidays visa (I am from France), hugged my parents and moved solo to the land of powder, Whistler BC, Canada.

This season marks 10 years that I have been living my dream teaching and coaching snowboarding and spending lots of awesome time in the mountains sharing my love of riding with my friends.

A few years ago, I had the vision to create Yoga classes for Riders, as I also teach Yoga. I realized that through awareness and development of the mind | body | breath connection I could really access to my full potential on the mat and on my board!  

This season I put my dreams into action and Snowflow | Yoga For Riders was born.

Overall, I would love to share the benefits of Yoga with you and support your well being amid winter's constant changes.

Here is my chill 10 minutes pre-ride flow, that will help you warm up before riding and, hopefully, keep you injury free this season. I am presently organizing my riders and yoga retreats in Chile and France for the 2015/16 season so stay tuned!

I would love to hear about your comments/feedback, find me @snowflowyogaforriders or at

Your In Snowboarding,

Claire Thiebaud Sinclair